PNG pin buttons

  • Vary in pin button ,magnet and keychain models 

  • Plastic and metal available

  • Digital printing

  • No limitation in color

maybe you have seen your friend inviting you to a new cafe to have a warm talk and you find out that there is a small button thing on his bag so attractive and graphically designed

in the mean time you see the waitress approaching you to write your coffee order and u see that there is a tiny pin attached to his uniform  representing the cafe sign.

when you wanna pay out at the bar the accountant gives you  a small button as a gift with again the sign of the cafe.

interesting right? that’s because you are surrounded with pin buttons. now lets see what are they

pin buttons

Pin buttons vary in different sizes and shapes. The usual shape of pin buttons are round shaped pixels in 58,44 & 39mm sizes but it is interesting that there are other

shapes ( such as Square , triangle ,oval and .…) in the market and can be produced as pin buttons , magnet buttons and key chains .

Pin buttons usage

Pin buttons similar to pin badges are used to present the logo and the sign of a company,commercial brand or maybe a school or charity institution.


For other people it is a way to show a mental concept , a picture which engraved in your mind or maybe a way to express your attachment and interest in a specific subject like religion ,philosophy,  love, music ,sports & also maybe showing a support to a celebrity.

Usually pin buttons are attached to clothes ,bags and shoes; magnet buttons are attached to magnetic surfaces like refrigerator door.

These buttons are also can be used as an advertising gift to a costumer or company to present your brand

PIN BUTTONS are the cheapest and the most efficient way of advertising

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