8 way to advertise your business

advertisements is the key to connect new costumers to your business and having a great plan for that is your main concern.

with the new technology of printing and world wide web there are various plans for you available.


sending your adds to a high traffic website is one way of advertising. many people visit the websites and can see your adds being shown in the website but it is obvious that you should pay some money to the website for this kind of service .

social media marketing

social medias are an attractive place for startups and new businesses because they are often free and border less.

there are no limits to your advertisements in social media but you should spend time performing your purposive marketing on social media.

you should make your advertisements design more attractive, performing astonishing ideas and designs and giving your costumers great offers to attract them

newspaper adds

its a classic way to marketing by targeting a specific area


TV adds have high price but very effective depending on your kind of business and the range of costumers you are targeting.

public speech

if you sell a product or service that is about your own specialty or you know everything about it, you can go and market it verbal and speak face to face with the costumer.or maybe you can hire expert visitors to do that for you

in this method there is a risk of your product being underrated or disliked, or the person listening to your get kind of bored and doesn’t  spend time for your talk therefore you should wisely make your plans and words.


share you product or service to the world with printed objects.

 they are the most effective way to a get your brand known better. Small and creatives objects are the best to make getting others attention.


You seen companies name on special events and celebrations. you see companies brand going n the football team shirts, you see a company name all over an exhibition that your walking through; that’s what is called sponsor.

being sponsor is some how expensive because you should pay for the most expenses of the event but there is an absolute high chance to get your brand known and even more if that event is being broadcast by TV.